This is Lucky’s daughter Alli and this is her MACH 4 in Agility and Phyllis Damron is her Mom.

Alayna’s girl Camille Nashville,Tn 2005

AKA Tri-boy and partner in crime Jonnie Ringo children of Jami Villalpando San Jose,CA. 2006

From our Corgi “Angel” and the Wilcox family

I thought you might like this picture he looks so grown up he is doing fabulous he is the intermediate class getting ready to advance to the advance class. We just adore him we may be looking to get another one from you soon!!! Monique

Hello there! This is from Yogi. I was born at your house one year ago. I went to live with my new family in Clarkrange, TN. (Michelle) I wanted to send you an update of how my first year has been with my family and send you some photos! I have been a very busy Corgi! The family has taken me to many parks and campgrounds in TN, and I have even went to school with my family. My biggest trips have been: Chicago, Illinois (we stayed 1 block from the Sears Tower, but I did not get to go there!), all over Indiana to visit relatives, climbing to Clingman’s Dome in the Smoky’s, riding on the pontoon boat on the lake, and for my birthday we went camping at Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach! I was a little afraid of the waves at first, but soon started jumping in and almost tried to go in too deep! Be sure to look at the photos to see some of my fun! I am sending more pictures on a second email.

Hi Carylann,
I just wanted to say hi and send you a couple pictures we’ve taken of Corky and his sister Zoey. He is quite the little clown and very photogenic! My husband and I absolutely adore him! We take them on walks every evening, and Corky’s favorite part is running through the field beside our apartment. He’s a natural, he hops so gracefully through that grass, you’d think he’d been herding cattle his whole life. He also went on a road trip with us to California last month, where he got to meet all of our family and other dogs. He absolutely loved all of the attention and everyone of course loved him! A couple weeks ago we took the dogs on a canoeing trip with us. Our pomeranin is a little fish, she loves the water, but big bad Corky hated it! He turned into a big baby and sat in the boat right under me the entire time. Eventually once we got going in the canoe he was okay with it. He also enjoyed having lunch up on the river bank. Just as long as he didn’t have to get in the water he was a happy camper! So I’ll attach some pictures. I hope everything is well with you!


Nunzio has grown like a weed! He’s “browned out” a little, too, and is very handsome. I thought you might like to see a few newer pictures of him. – Aimee

Minnie Murry she is doing very well and is a great dog. We got her from you in September.

Hi Carylann,
I was just thinking about you this morning & thought I’d give you an update on the male Corgi we got from you last September! He is the single greatest dog we could ever ask for– he is so loving to all, including other dogs & even cats. He loves children & babies & in particular, our 7 month old son, Zachary. Cleese is the perfect big brother. He has helped us foster other dogs & is so full of love. We have talked a little about adding another Corgi to our family in the near future. I just thought I’d send you a picture of what our family’s nights consist of these days. Thank you so much for our Cleese.

Hi Carylann
I wanted to send you some recent photos of Rosie.
She is growing so fast and she is so beautiful!!
We are so happy, she is the sweetest little girl.
Next fall we are planning to move back to the Cookeville area.
Once we are settled, we plan to expand our Corgi family.

Sorry to be late with her B-Day picture, but Justin has had a heart attack and have been busy running back and forth to the hospital, he is on the mend now.

Sophie is a joy, I call her MS Beastly (smile). She is very active and is always looking for something to play with, cat, other dog doesn’t matter to her.

Hope things are going well on your end.


Ruger has become an awesome little piece of our life. I thought you’d appreciate this picture.

Hello! We wanted to send you a quick 2-year-old update of our little boy, Chester (03/05/2011). He continues to be such a joy in our lives, and in our opinion, the perfect dog for our family! He’s so full of life, and every day, we’re sure that he thinks it’s the greatest day he’s ever had and wants to celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. Playing fetch is still one of his all-time favorite activities (thanks to the influence of his “Aunt” Sandy – a Labrador), but when he’s not doing that, he also loves to go hiking with us. This picture is from when we took Chester and his best friend, Pippin (a miniature American Eskimo) to Catoctin Mountain Park, in MD. No matter where we go, we’re always getting compliments on how well-behaved he is, and what a sweet, fun personality he has. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful puppy, and we hope that all is well with you!


Hi here is King Brody Seagraves, the day at his birthday party.
Carolyn and Lamar